Megan’s Law Website Removal


Some registered sex offenders can apply with the Department of Justice for exclusion from the Megan’s Law Website.


Penal Code Section 290.46(e) sets forth the requirements for those that can apply for Megan’s Law Website Removal.

The following offenses may apply for exclusion

  • Felony sexual battery by restraint (Penal Code § 243.4, subd. (a));
  • Misdemeanor child molestation (Penal Code § 647.6, or former section 647a);
  • Felony obscene matter (Penal Code § 311.1, 311.2(b), (c), or (d) , 311.3, 311.4, 311.10 or 311.11) where all the victims involved in the commission of the offenses were at least 16 years of age at the time of the commission; or
  • Any offense which did not involve penetration or oral copulation, the victim of which was a child, stepchild, grandchild, or sibling of the offender, and for which the offender successfully completed or is successfully completing probation.

Registered sex offenders who are granted exclusion from the Internet web site must still register as sex offenders.


For a fee of $250, we will complete the initial research, evaluate your case and the likelihood of success to petition for Megan’s Law Website Removal.  The fee for a petition for Megan’s Law Website Removal starts at $750.00.

If you are interested in starting the process, please call 855-411-3799.

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Recent developments in California case law have removed the ability to eliminate mandatory sex offender registration through a Hofsheier petition for individuals convicted of specific sexual offenses. Laws affecting sex offender registration is very quickly changing with the advancement of technology and the easy accessibility of information, there are many people who are losing their livelihood, homes and families. We can help you move forward with your life.